Jot & Paste

The fastest way to
jot down a note,
get and paste it anywhere

Use Jot & Paste for your message templates, greetings, signatures, todos, any text use often.

Just two keyboard shortcuts to remember

We help to get your notes faster

See how it works

(Old interface but the idea is the same)

How to use

Add your text notes from anywhere

Use Ctrl + Shift + Enter to start adding a note.
No matter what app is open right now.
Create notes
Navigate notes list

Use #tags to sort them

We recommend to use #pin for your most used items.

Use Ctrl + Shift + L in any app to see the list of your notes

Navigate them with arrows.

Hit Enter and Jot & Paste will copy and paste the text for you.

Or Ctrl + Enter if you just want to copy it.
Paste signature example
Paste result

Implemented features

  • Keyboard navigation
  • Quick paste
  • Pinned items & tags
  • Emoji companion per note
  • Cloud synchronization
  • Global search

Upcoming features

  • Notes with time notifications
  • Markdown support
  • Smart to-do lists
  • Paste templates
  • Share lists & collaborations
  • ...your idea?
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