Clipboard History and Multiple Paste

November 05, 2022

Hi! It is Denis from Jot & Paste.

The application got new great productivity features!

Clipboard history list

The new version of Jot & Paste tracks your text clipboard history and shows up to 20 latest records. As usual, you can navigate items with arrows and paste the clipboard elements by pressing Enter.

The list is stored on your computer only and is not being synced with the cloud. We respect your privacy!

Multiple select & Paste

You now can paste multiple elements at once. Select text items hold Shift and navigate with Arrows, (or using Ctrl/Cmd + click) and use Enter to paste the selection in the last used application.


Tip: enable the "Autostart with system" option from the tray menu if you want to keep running the application after a reboot.

We always welcome your feedback or ideas on our community page.